7 Things To Do to protect your home this fall

The summer is almost over and before we break out the pumpkin spice coffee creamer it's time to start thinking about how to protect your home from the elements. Just like with your car, there are certain things you should do before winter hits to make sure everything is working properly. Here are seven things you can do this fall to prepare for winter:

Service your heating and cooling unit

Service your heating and cooling unit. It’s important to make sure your heating/cooling unit is working properly. The middle of a snow storm is the wrong time to lose heat, so make sure you schedule annual service for your unit by a professional technician for optimal efficiency and safety.

Spray for bugs

The last place we want to see bugs are in our home but when the weather gets cold bugs search for warmth. If it has more than four legs it needs to stay outside. Treating now will go a long way in insuring a bug-free winter.

Check your gutters

Bad gutters can cause unbelievable kinds of damage to a home. To keep that from happening, it's important to check your gutters before the first fall storm hits. Look out for damage or clogs in the gutter system, and clear any debris that may have fallen onto it during the summer months. If you notice any loose shingles on the roof, this could indicate a bigger issue with the integrity of your house—so make sure to fix those as soon as possible!

Winterize your sprinkler system

Water is a precious resource and a busted sprinkler line can go along way to busting your budget in the spring. The best way to prevent sprinkler mishaps is to have your sprinkler system drained and serviced before the temperature drops.

Check flood lights

Let's go out in the snow and ice to replace the flood lights said nobody EVER! Take care of that now to keep the dark corners outside lit all winter long.

Check smoke alarms

Did you know smoke alarm units expire? Most only have a shelf life of about 10 years. Don’t assume because your house is new that your smoke alarms are also new. Many builders purchase them in bulk. Your new house could have a smoke alarm that expired years ago (mine did). Don’t find out the hard way: check now and make sure they are good to go!

Service fireplaces

Every year the power goes out at my house at least once.  Last year it went out multiple times and guess what didn't work...you guessed it:  my fireplace!  During the winter technicians are sometimes booked weeks in advance.  It only took one cold night for me to vow to never enter a winter without making sure I'd had my fireplace checked.  Now I make sure to have it serviced in October, just in case!

It's important to maintain your home as the seasons change.

Now that you’re armed with a checklist of things to do, it’s time to get your home in order for the fall and winter. You can keep yourself safe from intruders and accidents by taking some simple steps, like changing flood lights and checking smoke detectors.

Need help finding service pros in your area? Give me a call and I'll hook you up.

Wishing you health and happiness!
Stephanie Dorr, Real Estate Consultant


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